House Rules


  • Dwarven magic is tied directly to the arcane power of the world itself. This power manifests in the depths of rock and soil as Arcanum, crystalized shards of magic that casters must draw from to power their spells.
  • Arcanum shards are expendable and somewhat unstable, but major sites of permanent power, Arcanum Nexuses, can be tapped by building specialized fonts of magic over them.
  • Any spellcaster must tap into a nexus to prepare his or her spells or recharge spell slots.
  • A tapped nexus can be connected to dwarf-constructed Leylines – channels of iron and crystalized Arcanum built into floors or walls. A caster tapping into any point of a Leyline acts as if tapped into every nexus linked to its 'power grid'.


  • Characters are no longer restricted in what skills they may put points into on a 1-for-1 basis.
  • Class skills now instead provide a +2 bonus to all checks made with those skills.
  • Because the Profession and Craft skills are more important here than in most campaigns, buying points in these skills costs half normal. You still cannot have more than 3+Level points in any one skill.

House Rules

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