Expedition Report XXIII: Seventh Fortnight from disembarkment:

 Our food reserves are running low again – Huntsdwarf Ramok complains that our construction efforts have driven off most potential game, and Cropmaster Falnif's fields continue to remain barren. (Correlary: volcanic ash is of little aid to crops when accompanied by lava flows resultant from overzealous mining into the side of an active volcano.)

Goblin  incursions are increasing in frequency and ferocity, possibly as a result of our designation of their ancestral grounds as a depository for our refuse. It remains to be seen whether or not they can be reasoned with, as all our diplomatic offerings of deliciously-roasted meat have been met only with outrage. (Correlary: we really must find some source of meat other than the bodies of fallen Goblins.)

The party is an expedition of level 1 dwarves. Working as a group, they must cross a violent ocean, survive landfall on an untamed, uncharted wilderness of a continent, and build from nothing a profitable settlement. Did I mention that they're each also working towards a secret objective that they must make strides towards to level? While being hounded and besieged from all sides by the myriad dangers of their new frontier?

Design and construction of the settlement – which may well become a fortress – is central to advancement and gameplay. Be sure to read up on the House Rules.

Untamed Stone

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